I got a fever today, so I'm hanging out at home, playing the blues you know. I was thinking...Idioms are great. I mean, they have an idiom for everything! A quick search on Idiomsite.com shows that there literally millions. For example:

1) Adding fuel to the fire
2) A taste of your own medicine
3) Killing two birds with one stone
4) Cut to the chase

So this blog post, will mark the invention of a NEW idiom, coined by yours truly.
So how does this relate? Well you need a little back story to start off with. So I was talking to my friend in the States and we were laughing about the time I ate every sample in Costco. I even tried a lime. Yes. You heard me right, a fucking LIME. I hate limes, but if something is free, my mind will actually do mental gymnastics to make myself believe that the lime is actually delicious. I fucking love samples. I LOVE THEM. I'm pretty sure if I ordered a steak and the waitress was like, "The steak comes with a free desert of DOG SHIT", I'll probably nod to her and say "Sounds good! Serve it last, I want to make room for the steak first".

Also, before I continue any further, this picture was the first thing that came up when I put a Google search in for "costco samples". I love the stereotypes of this picture! From the Asian dude gobbling up samples by the TRAY, right down to the two heavy-set Latin women working at a supermarket.

Okay, sorry, slight digression here. If you know me, you'll understand. I can't focus, I'm not very bright, can't really keep on task and I tend to repeat myself a lot, so bear with me and hopefully I'll grow on you! Grow on you like mold in an athlete's foot, that is. Ah fuck, I just did it again. Okay so, I was looking up idioms for the heck of it WHILE laughing with the chick about the costco incident and she asked me:

"Why'd you eat that fucking lime anyway, Josiah?"
"Well...I guess..I'm not sure. I guess I kind of just wanted to? It was just there so I ate it you know?.."  

I struggled to find the words to describe my feeling of "I just felt like it". That's when I decided to go onto the idiom website in search of an idiom that would help me describe the feeling of "just for the heck of it" albeit more intellectually of course. I scoured, searched, looked, scrambled the whole of the idiom site for a good 1 and a half minutes before my ADHD kicked in and before I knew it I was playing Brubeck's Take 5 on my guitar.

This was when I realized, there was no idiom for "Just for the heck of it". Well, there probably is an idiom for that, however, my short attention span prevents me from finding it. Maybe Rajit or something will know. Anyway, this is when I decided to go neologist on everyone's ass and INVENT a new idiom!

So here's the idea behind the idiom. As stated above, the idiom is to describe doing something for the "heck of it". See that photo on the left? Yeah, that's an Ant Hill. My idiom for doing something for the heck of it is:

"Peeing on an Anthill"

So, how did I get the peeing part? Well, you ever go like, camping or on an outdoor hike or something? When you need to take a piss, you kind of go into the forest to take one right? And sometimes, you see an anthill. You ever take a piss on that anthill before? Don't lie, all guys have taken a piss on the fucking anthill. All guys, and well, evidently some very courageous chicks have flooded the home of some poor ant colony with the frothy, golden liquid of joy that is piss, right from the urethra.  I was asking myself last night, being a degenerate philosopher, WHY do we pee on ant hills? I mean, it's like you already have your cock out and your ready to unleash your fluid of death...may as well move the trajectory of the stream a little to the right and hit the anthill, right? Why do we do that?
The answer is, we do it... for the HECK of it. And that's when I knew I found my idiom. Allow me now to demonstrate this idiom in action:

Person 1: "Why did you eat that horrible costco sample?"
Person 2: No reason, just felt like Peeing on an Anthill

Person 1: "Why did you masturbate on the plane?!"
Person 2: No reason, just felt like PEEING ON AN ANTHILL

Person 1: "Why did you go see Usher instead of The Eagles?!"
Person 2: No reason, I should be PISSED ON LIKE AN ANTHILL for my decision making skills.

Lastly, Peeing on an Anthill can be abbreviated into PoaA in text message situations much like lmao, rofl and lol.

Person 1: dud, y di u h0ok up wid her?
Person 2: lul, i waz PoaA!!!11one
Let me, now, show you this picture of Dario dressed up as a snowboarding tiger thing. Why did I post that? Well because I felt like (everyone say it with me!):

Peeing. On. An. Anthill.

Compelling stuff huh? Once again, thanks for reading! Post a comment I would love to hear your thoughts on my new idiom, I love comments. Comments make me happy. Screw you Mr. Reich, comments are great. Comments. Oh did you know, I recently discovered you can change text color on Weebly? What an age we're living in, huh?

So anyway, comments greatly appreciated, thanks for reading and remember, if we didn't destroy an anthill with our piss every time we went camping, the fucking world will be overrun with ANTS. So the next time you pee on an anthill, think of this idiom, and give yourself a pat on your back for being a vigilante in the fight against the ant invasion.

11/16/2011 16:41:15

Why am I leaving a comment? No reason, just felt like Peeing on an Anthill.
well suddenly i feel it's not THAT appropriate for a girl to say that ...... you should invent a similar one for girls :D

11/16/2011 17:46:51

Comments are the links between an emperor and his subjects!

11/16/2011 17:54:59

I have actually PoaA btw.

11/16/2011 17:58:51

Your posts are always entertaining :D Nice one

11/16/2011 19:34:20

Raoul, words of wisdom! They really are the link. Also, I'm glad someone else PoaA's too.

11/16/2011 21:35:47

Hi, I'd just like to point out Booty's face in Dario's picture :P

11/16/2011 23:33:42


Best sentence award goes to:
"All guys, and well, evidently some very courageous chicks have flooded the home of some poor ant colony with the frothy, golden liquid of joy that is piss, right from the urethra. "

11/16/2011 23:41:40

Ahahaha. Wanna know the already existing idiom for "just for the heck of it"? It's "just for the heck of it". Yes, indeed, be mindblasted, for that is in itself an idiom.

But then again, I can't see any reason why anyone would ever use that again. I mean i think "just for the heck of it" is an idiom to describe PoaA, you know? Not the other way round. PoaA has become the standard way to say it. I can't see it happening any other way.

And Pablo, don't ignore the happy Korean. Happy Korean is Happy. ;)

Btw I just had to add that the whole free samples thing is soo true. I don't know if it's just a Singaporean thing, cos i can't see why Singaporeans will be any more or less kiasu than anyone outside Singapore, because everyone is afraid to lose out on free stuff, no? What else? Just the humidity in Singapore that turns people's brains into a mushy mass that turns them into a free stuff zombie? I bet every person in every country would have an innate attraction towards free samples? Some people might shrug it off in the company of friends to maintain appearances, but it's there in everyone. I bet it is.

Sorry for the lack of intelligent commentary, I'm too busy being amazed at your ACE audition :P.

11/18/2011 14:26:08

ahahhaa Dario... this was an entertaining post, nice one!

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