Hello all, today is a great day because I just hit 600 unique visitors and 1.3K page views! Cannot thank you enough for supporting me and spending the time to read through this blog. I haven't been able to post all week because I have been seriously busy so here's the post!

Today I'm going to show you something extremely special! This is something that you can apply to your everyday life as I have to mine. Once upon a time, Humans deemed it important to use Irony to convey a point. Irony led to Sarcasm, and before long, the whole human race was hooked on being Sarcastic. So some very smart guy, probably a prehistoric Yong Jun, deemed it necessary to create hand symbols to identify and emphasize your sarcasm:
Step 1 and Step 2 of the classic sarcastic quote.
We've all seen the "sarcastic" hand quote before, and an example of the usage would be:

Sure, let's go to the "garden".

The sarcastic quote makes everything sound sarcastic therefore implying that the garden is not a real garden, but what about other emotions? Why are there no quotes for Happiness, Sadness etc? Well, let me tell you, there are! I will show you the "Creepy Quote"

So, this next hand sign is to make everything sound creepy. Whenever you do this, everything will sound creepy and disturbing. This is best accompanied with a really low monotone serial killer-esque voice.

Step 1.
I present to you, on the left, the CREEPY QUOTE!

Look at it, look at the two steps, look at how fucking disturbing that hand sign is? God it's sick. I just threw up a little in my mouth. So whenever you want to creep someone out, let's use the same line:

Sure, let's go to the "garden"

Step 2, curl fingers in.
If the steps did not sufficiently creepy you out, it's probably because it's really hard to convey the concept of the creepy quote on text. I usually share this to people in real life. So basically what you do is, the pick out the word that you want to sound creepy, for our case, the word would be GARDEN.


1) Go to a mirror.
2) With your hands outstretched like in the picture above, say the line "Sure, let's go to the "garden".
3) When you get to the two syllable word Garden, curl your fingers upwards like you're beckoning someone over, once for each syllable of the world Garden.
4) The overall effect would be "Sure let's go to the Gar (curl fingers) - den (curl fingers again)." With emphasis on garden.
5) If you don't know what I mean, imagine you're doing the normal sarcastic hand motion, but just flipped around so it's on its underside. It's pretty much a sarcastic hand quotation except the positioning is different and shown in the photo.

6) To be extra creepy, just creep up to your friends and start curling your fingers back and forth with a creepy glare. Don't say a word, don't break eye contact.

Like I said, I don't know how this will convey over written text but hopefully, if you've followed the instructions after looking at the animation above, you should have yourself one hell of a creepy quote. Now that you've creeped out the word Garden, the word now instead of sounding sarcastic, now implies that the Garden is a sort of creepy reference to pubes or something. One last thing to note is that Sarcastic quotes are noted in writing as:

Sure, let's go to the "garden".

Creepy quotes, however, thanks to Ben Kothe of the Berklee 5 Week Performance Program has their own set of written notation:

Sure, let's go the ,,Garden,,

Since half of the male readers of my blog only read my blog posts because they contain pictures of ravishing women, this is for you guys! Also, i followed Cedric's very good tip of posting the woman at the bottom as a sort of "reward" for reading.

So anyway, if people still have No idea what I'm on about with this creepy quote thing, I might consider uploading a video to show you guys. Try it on your friends and see how creeped out they will be with the addition of the creepy quotes onto certain words! I know this is quite a changing from the musings about love, but I decided to do something more light-hearted today since it's the weekend! As per usual comments are greatly appreciated and thank you for your continued support, I love the shit out of you readers!

So anyway, in conclusion, spread the word of the Creepy Quotes! Or should I say,  ,,Creepy Quotes,,?

11/10/2011 18:58:22

i lolled irl. the gesture reminds me of spiderman.

11/10/2011 19:09:31

Once again, first post.

JOSIAH, IM SO PROUD OF YOU! You learned. This calls for a celebration
" "

Nice post

11/11/2011 12:06:19

lol cedric, first post? i think u failed :D

11/11/2011 12:07:59

Hahah I love this, though I feel like the reason its so freakin' creepy is that it's sort of like a "come to me" kind of thing. So I think it is best accompanied by a sly, slightly tilted grin on the face, accompanied by rising and falling eyebrows :P.

Now imagine me with my eyebrows moving up and down and a small sneaky grin, doing that hand action and saying:

Hey there, wanna ,,share a taxi,,?

Yes. Scream and run away. ;)

7/29/2012 16:18:10

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